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Download: Your Personal Travel Planner

Have I mentioned that I love to travel!? So tomorrow, I’m flying to Florence to take part in a summer school for journalists. I’m going to learn about reporting techniques in the digital age, freedom of speech, bots and other neat stuff. Oh and I really want to get some gelato too. You see, there’s tons of stuff I want to do in Florence.

Obviously, the process of planning a journey can be pretty exhausting. You have to keep an overview and make sure you don’t forget about anything important (and boy, there’s a lot of important things you could potentially forget about). A travel planner would come in handy, wouldn’t it?

That’s why I hopped over to that platform called Canva and designed my very own travel planner template. And since sharing is caring, I thought why not make the template available for you guys? Naturally, it’s for free!

A Free Travel Planner for you

Below you can see what my travel planner looks like. It’s pretty straight forward: You can download the plain version, print it and use it for your next journey. It provides you with space to jot down the destination, your travel dates and your budget. Besides this, there’s also a to do list which, for me, is a true life saver. In the note section, I usually scribble down sights I want to visit. On the right you can see how I used it for my trip to Los Angeles last year. You can see the thumbnail of the travel planner below. Click here to get the printable version in high resolution.

I designed this template for the early planning phase of a a journey. Once the start of the trip is moving closer, I use yet another template to keep track of what I actually have to pack and take care of last minute.

By now, you can probably tell that I love lists and, even more importantly, I utterly enjoy making templates. For my LA-journey, for instance, I also designed a personal travel journal. Are you enjoying free downloads? Let me know if you’d be interested in templates for a travel journal as well!

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