Five Ways to Jumpstart your Blog

Now I’ve only started this blog recently and I’m still learning. But I’m quite content with the performance of this little project so far. Never ever would I have thought that I’d get so much positive reactions in the first couple of weeks.

I’m especially grateful for all the bloggers out there who assist me whenever I need help. So now I’ve decided that it’s time to return the favor. If you’re new in the blogging biz and looking for ways to give your blog a little boost, here are a couple of strategies that will help you do so. (They sure worked for me!)

Be prepared

Especially in the early phase of blogging, it’s crucial to provide your audience with intriguing content. In the first week after I started my blog, I managed to upload a new post every other day, even though I was traveling around in Florence. Obviously, I didn’t write these posts from scratch. I had drafted them already before my blog went online and I’m strongly advising you to do that as well. It takes off so much pressure to know that you’re covered for the first couple of weeks after you start your blog.

So how many blog posts should you prepare? Clearly, it depends on two things: How many ideas and how much time you have on your hands. And remember: Even though you might be extremely motivated when you start out and you’re eager to rock that blog, you should still make sure to produce high quality content. Long story short: Be prepared, but take it easy!

Connect with fellow bloggers

This one might seem obvious to many of you. But it took me a couple of days to realize that connecting with other bloggers is crucial. There are various ways to get in touch with your colleagues. I started out visiting other blogs and commenting on posts I enjoyed reading. But it turned out that only a fraction of the bloggers I reached out to replied. I’m still returning to these blogs on a regular basis and I’m leaving comments if I feel the need to express my opinion because I’m genuinely interested in those posts. But as far as traffic is concerned, this strategy proved to only be of mediocre success. So I went on Facebook and searched for blogger groups. Bingo!

There are dozens of networks for bloggers.

There are dozens of blogger networks on social media platforms. Note that not every one of them is legitimate, though. Some of these groups strongly remind me of Instagram engagement groups, which I’m a bit sceptical of. Think of it: Do people genuinely enjoy your posts or do they just hit the like button because they expect a like in advance? These groups simply don’t seem sincere to me.

A group I found really helpful, though is the one called “Becoming a Blogger”. It was created by  Cate Rosales. I’ve posted a couple of questions and group members were always quick to help me out. You can find the Facebook group here.

Make use of other channels

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, you name it! These are all channels that can lead potential readers to your blog. I’ve been active on Instagram for more than two years now. Only recently, I’ve reached 10k followers. Me being active on Instagram has helped me for two reasons: Firstly, I already know which type of content my audience enjoys. Secondly, once you hit 10k, you can add links to your Instagram stories. But Instagram is still a strong tool, even if you have less than 10k followers. If you can’t link an URL to your stories, simply add your website to your bio.

And it’s not only Instagram. Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are thriving platforms too. I still need to grasp how pinterest really works, though, which leads me to yet another important lesson I learned: You don’t have to be active on each and every single social media channel. After all, these platforms are tremendously time consuming if you want to handle them properly. For starters, it’s plenty if you pick one or two channels to promote your blog on.

Besides this, there is yet another place where you can do marketing for your blog. And you know what’s pretty mind blowing? This one doesn’t require an Internet connection! I’m talking about the offline world. Yes, real life. Tell your friends and family about your blog. Meet up with fellow bloggers in real life. It’s a pretty successful strategy. You’ll see!

That's me working on my blog
That’s me working on my blog

Optimize your posts for search engines

You can write the most amazing blog posts and have a stunning design but it’s all kind of futile if nobody is able to find your blog. That’s where SEO, i.e. Search Engine Optimization, comes in. Make sure you fabricate your posts in a way that search machines such as Google come across it easily. After all, the higher your blog is ranked, the more visitors you’ll get.

Now how can you optimize your work? By using tags, keywords, meta descriptions, images etc. Don’t worry, though. You don’t have to come up with all of this on your own. There are plug ins that help you with that. I’m currently using Yoast SEO which is super easy to operate with. It leads you pretty much through the whole process.

Set realistic goals for your blog

This one is not necessarily a way to jumpstart your blog. It rather helps you on a long-term level. When you start out blogging, you are very likely to be super motivated and hyped about your new project. That’s good and if you’re currently in this phase, I’m super happy for you. At this early stage, it’s particularly important to set goals – not only as far as the number of weekly blog posts is concerned, but also regarding your page views and the number of visitors.

How many readers do you want to attract in your first week of blogging? How many in the first month? How many in the first year? Billions, I’m assuming. Try not to focus on what you want, though, but on what is manageable for you. In other words: Set realistic goals. If you’re aiming too high and fail to reach your goals, you’re likely to lose your enthusiasm stop blogging, burn your laptop and spend the rest of your life as a hermit in a deserted cave. We can’t have that. I’d totally miss your blog!

How long have you been blogging? Which tools help you to gain website traffic and what are your monthly goals? Leave a comment or drop me a message! Looking forward to hearing from you!

18 thoughts on “Five Ways to Jumpstart your Blog”

  1. This is such a helpful post!

    I figured something new – that Instagram allows links once you cross 10K! That is a big number especially given how people unfollow, making it appear like a fickle platform. Kudos to you and will look up your site for possible posts on ‘How to Instagram?’ 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comment! I’ll definitely upload some more posts about Instagram in the future, since people seem to be really interested in it.
      Have an awesome day!


  2. I think connecting is very important. so much of our content gets wasted when we are not ourselves involved in the right kind of community

    1. I agree! We invest so much time in our content. It would be too bad if nobody actually saw it.


  3. Great post and a true story for fresh bloggers 🙂

  4. Claudia, I enjoyed reading this post! I completely agree about Instagram because I started using it not too long away but it brings direct traffic to my blog (wrote a post recently about social media tips!) and I’m with you on Pinterest (still learning). Also you are right about Cate’s group on FB, I’m part of that as well and this group is awesome.

    1. Thanks for the feedback! I’ll check out your post! I’m always eager to hear about social media advice. 🙂


  5. Ein sehr schöner Post! Ich mag es gerne noch mehr über Bloggen zu lesen und zu lernen, auch wenn ich bereits eine Weile dabei bin.
    Bis jetzt nutze ich Instagram und Pinterest für meinen Blog. Habe aber auch überlegt mit Facebook anzufangen. Würdest du es mir empfehlen? Generierst du Trafic über FB?
    Ich kann dir auf jeden Fall Pinterest sehr empfehlen! Darüber bekomme ich unheimlich viele Leser 🙂

    Liebste Grüße <3

    1. Hallo Pauline!
      Ich würde Facebook definitiv empfehlen! Ich hab auf meiner Fanseite zwar lediglich 200 Likes und ca. 800 Facebook-Freunde, aber via Facebook bekomme ich so zirka die Hälfte meines Traffics. Ist also neben Instagram mein zweitwichtigstes Tool. 🙂
      Meinen Pinterest-Account besser aufzustellen wäre mein nächstes Ziel, weil – eben wie du sagst – sehr viele Blogger die meisten Leser über diese Plattform bekommen. Aber derzeit blicke ich da nach wie vor nicht so ganz durch, haha. Pinterest ist wirklich komplettes Neuland für mich…

      1. Da kann ich dir empfehlen 🙂 Die hat viele Artikel dazu und man versteht es schnell

  6. These are great tips. You’ve started ahead of the curb it seems! When I started blogging I tried every social media outlet and they all left me drained and the ones you mentioned are the important one. The tips you’ve included really do help with traffic and engagement.

    1. Thank you so much for the feedback! If it wasn’t for Instagram, I wouldn’t even reach half of the traffic I currently have. But you’re right, social media can be somewhat draining. So I make sure to always go offline for a couple of hours. 🙂


  7. I. love. your. blog. It is so helpful, especially for a new blogger like myself. Thank you!!

  8. I really like this blog! Okay. I just got back from a study abroad where the homework assignment was to blog daily about the travels and I NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT DRAFTING UP POSTS BEFORE I GO. Such a great idea!!

    1. Hello Carly,
      hahaha glad I could help! Sometimes, it’s the obvious things we need to be reminded of. Can’t wait to check out your blog!


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