Free Download: Your Personal DIY Travel Diary

Hey there! Yes, I’m talking to you. I like you. I really do. That’s why shortly, I created a free download that helps you plan your journeys. And since you seemed to enjoy it so much, I have another template for you: a travel journal!

But before we get into details, do you know the song California by Phantom Planet? It’s a good song, right? Has a nice beat, a catchy chorus. But it’s not only that. To me, it’s so much more. This song will always remind me of the time when my friends Kim, Ana and I were cruising along one of Los Angeles’ highways. Just when the sun was about to set, this song came on. It was such a wonderful evening and thanks to Phantom Planet I can always go back there just by listening to their track.

But it’s not only songs. Sometimes, also smells and tastes can revoke certain memories. That’s what my latest template is based on. I created a free download that will help you to remember your vacation forever. You can see the thumbnail of the travel journal below. Click here to get the printable version in high resolution.

About travel journals

Generally, I love keeping do it yourself travel journals. I write about random occurences, new places I discovered and people I got to meet. Plus: I reserve some space in my journals so that my new acquaintances can sign it. I also have a playlist for every trip I went on, which is why Phantom Planet’s California will always remind me of Los Angeles. It’s all about memories, you see?

So here’s the first page of your DIY travel journals. And there are many more to follow!

Free Download: Your Personal Travel Diary

Free Download: Your Personal Travel Diary
Free Download: Your Personal Travel Diary

Did you enjoy this free download? Do you keep a travel diary? What are fond memories you made on your past trips? Leave a comment or drop me a message! I’d love to hear about your experience!

12 thoughts on “Free Download: Your Personal DIY Travel Diary”

  1. I love this, and your site is so gorgeous! Will definitely have to come back to this for my next weekend away.

        1. Oh wie schön! Ich wünsch dir eine gute Reise. Wird bestimmt super schön 🙂

    1. Thanks! 🙂 I love making DIY travel journals and I’m glad you enjoy this 🙂

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