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Breathtaking Views, Slides and Swings: The coolest Workspaces in Texas

We all spend a considerable amount of our lifetime in offices. Since our workspaces are almost like our second home, it’s crucial that these are places we feel comfortable at.

Even though I absolutely love the place I’m working at, I’ve never thought of offices as chillout areas. That is, until I went to Texas where I got to see some of the most amazing working spaces there. So here’s a list of the coolest workspaces I’ve seen in Texas.


Do you like to go shopping? If so, you’ll absolutely love the vibes you get at Rackspace’s headquarter in San Antonio. Rackspace is a cloud computing company, in case you don’t know (I didn’t, now I do). And here’s what makes the office so special: The company is located in what used to be a shopping mall!

If you wander around at Rackspace, you’ll see a couple of features that will remind you of the building’s previous life. There are several escalators, a food court sign (no food court, though), conference rooms named after toys and – wait for it – a slide! But see for yourself…

Rackspace, a cool workspaceRackspace, a cool workspace

Impact Hub

Impact Hub is a co-working space provider that’s present in several countries of the world. Through the Austria to Austin exchange program, I got to see their headquarter in Austin. It’s the complete opposite of what you’d expect when you enter an office.

It’s cosy, relaxing and chill. Plus: There are hammocks and swings in the backyard! So whenever you feel like you’re at a dead end, you can go outside, relax and clear your mind.


Capital Factory

Number one on my list of cool workspaces, though, is Capital Factory. I completed the 3DS program, where you have to come up with a concept for a startup within three days. During those days, I spent hours on Capital Factory’s 16th floor. Needless to say, the view is amazing.

But Captial Factory has way more than that to offer – it also has a secret office! Besides this, there’s a VR room, lots of coffee, food and wallart. One of Capital Factory’s floors is even Star Wars themed. Fun, huh?

Cool workspace


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