I was stranded in the Middle of the Highway

Yes. Stranded. Right next to a rather deserted road somewhere between San Antonio and Austin, Texas. Okay, it wasn’t only me but a whole group. And we did what any millennial would do: We spontaneously started a photo shoot! Because if we had anything on hour hand, it was time (and a camera). After all, it took us four trucks (!) to finally get back to the hostel. But let’s start at the beginning.

The past two weeks, I spent in Austin, Texas, to learn about the entrepreneurial landscape of the city. You can read more about that here and here. The schedule has been amazing so far but I was particularly excited about our day trip to San Antonio. Because, hey, it’s San Antonio!

We went there to visit Geekhub and Rackspace. What a blast we had! Looking back now, though, there were a couple of bad signs right from the beginning.

The Signs

We knew it was going to be a scorching day. But did we expect it to get that hot? Not really! Right when we hopped on the bus, the AC stopped working. So we switched to another one which was a true upgrade! The bus kind of reminded me of the Rock of Love bus except there was no drama and no Bret Michaels. (Oh how I miss those MTV shows!)

Ayway, Bus #2 took us to San Antonio which, by the way, is a beautiful city. But we’re gonna deal with that in another post, shall we? Later that afternoon, we got back on bus #2. Having spent a considerable amount of time out there in the heat, we all were ready to go home. And that’s when it happened.

Having spent a considerable amount of time out there in the heat, we all were ready to go home.

We were about to enter an intersection when the engine of the bus died. At first we didn’t think anything of it. Shanel, our bus driver, started the engine again. And it died again.

Turns out it had overheated. Apparently, the pipe for the coolant was leaking. So we waited for about an hour for bus #3. Luckily there was a Starbucks and In-N-out-Burger nearby.

So finally, bus #3 arrived and we were all clapping and cheering because we’re happy people. But we were also tired people at that point which is why most of us took a nap on the bus. 40 minutes later, though, an alarm bell woke us up. Spoiler: It wasn’t the alarm of our clock/cellphones. It was the one of the bus. Yeah, that’s never a good sign.

Turns out, bus #3 had its very own set of issues. The kind of issues I can’t explain because I don’t know anything about busses except that you take them when you commute between Austin and San Antonio.

This time, we had to stop next to the Highway with no shops or whatsoever around us.


It might sound like a crappy situation when you read about it. But the truth is, we all had a blast. Why? Because we decided to make most of it! From a photographer’s point of view, it was the perfect place to be stranded. The road was deserted, there were lots of “No parking” signs, there was dirt and, luckily, I had my camera, my favorite lense and just enough battery with me.

On top of that, someone brought loudspeakers. So add a little bit of music and you get the perfect next-to-the-highway-rave. And: About one hour later, bus #4 finally took us home, which was pretty great too.

Here are some snapshots I took. Enjoy!