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Austin’s most amazing Food in Pictures

What’s the best way to explore a city? Sure, you can go and visit famous sights, talk to people, take tours. But: By far the most fun way to discover a place is by eating. You have to consume food anyway in order to survive. So why not make most of it? That’s what I thought when I went to Austin, Texas. So brace yourself. Here’s some foodporn!

Disclaimer: This is, by far, not everything I had in Austin. During the first week, I hardly took any foodpics because I guess I’m simply not a foodpic kinda person. Instead, I usually dig in right away. I’m trying hard to change that, though. Because food is nice to look at, isn’t it?

Yet another disclaimer: I’m not getting paid for this and nobody asked my to publish a post about my food journey. And yet, I’ll have to label this post as Werbung because I’m mentioning a couple of restaurants. So here: Werbung.


Is anyone down for burgers? If not, you can have salad too at Hopdoddy’s. Trust me, it’s good. And the avocado makes it Instaworthy. Seriously, though, that was one of the best salads I’ve ever had. And don’t get me started about these fries, covered in garlic and parmesan. Needless to say, I also had to try the burger. Foodporn alert!


Fried Chicken

There’s no reason to kick the bucket when the bucket is filled with fried chicken. I wish I could try all the places that serve it in Austin because I’ve heard about several good ones. But you have to start somewhere and I started at Lucy’s. I don’t know who Lucy is or where she comes from, but she sure knows how to cook.

Both the fried chicken and the fries were amazing. You see, my friend Luca was pretty excited about his fried chicken bucket too.

Fried Chicken

Asian Food

How about some Asian food? I got it from a buffet which is why this one looks a little bit messy. Yeah, I know, I’m not going to become a food blogger. But that’s alright. Let’s appreciate this photo of lettuce, fried rice, beef and chicken. Mhm!

Asian Food

Pinch Boil House and Bia Bar

Disclaimer: I know it says “Austin’s Food in Pictures”. But Pinch Boil House and Bia Bar is located in San Antonio. I chose to include this place in this post nonetheless. Why? Because it’s my blog and I can do whatever floats my boat. Plus: You and I get along so well so I’m sure you’ll forgive me, right!?

Anyway. In San Antonio, we went to Pinch Boil House where I got the chance to taste those amazing fries with crab. I had never had crab before. Why didn’t you guys tell me that it actually tastes pretty decent?

And my friend had a rice bowl with chicken which looked pretty delicious too.

Brazilian Tacos

I absolutely love streetfood so I was particularly excited when I got to try a meal at Boteco. According to The Daily Meal, it’s one of the best food trucks in the US. Don’t you wish you could try that beef with rice and beans as a side?


Last but not least…

As I said, there’s also a bunch of other dishes I had. However I didn’t take photos. But if there are not photos the calories don’t count, right?

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