Unhealthy Instagram Habits
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Unhealthy Instagram Habits you need to break

Oh Instagram! We love and hate you all at the same time. It doesn’t have to be like that, though. Not if we stop being self-destructive. Thus, here are four unhealthy Instagram habits you need to quit to make the platform great again.

Stalking people

I know, following people and checking out their posts is the whole point of the Gram. And it’s just natural to be curious how Danny, your kindergarten friend, is doing in life. Don’t become obsessed with the people you follow, though.

It’s good to know that Danny spent his last vacation in Venice. But it’s kind of creepy that you know he was staying in a bunk bed at Generator Hostels in room #456 and was tagged on two photos by his travel buddies on July 3rd. And that he commented on one of those photos saying “Venice is better then home”. Oh Danny. Still hasn’t learned to differentiate between then and than.

Anyway. It’s not healthy to stalk people – neither online nor in real life. So don’t do it. Just don’t.

Unfollowing people but stalking them nontheless

So you’ve unfollowed Danny but you still drop by his account on a regular basis? That’s kind of a no go too. What’s the point of unfollowing someone if you still want to check them out? ¬†Even though this kind of behavior does not make any sense whatsoever, it seems to be common practice on Instagram.

Some people even go so far as to block a person only to create a fake account and check them out through that. And they are extra cautious to never ever leave a single like. Why, though? Don’t be sneaky. If you’re interested someone’s work, show them some support by following them and dropping a like or a comment every now and then. It’s the least you can do.

If you’re interested in someone’s work, show them some support.

Instagram is an important marketing tool

Comparing yourself to others

This is a tough one! On Instagram, everything looks so perfect. You kind of know that it’s all photoshopped and edited. And yet, you’re inclined to compare yourself to the surreal standards you get through the Gram.¬†Trust me. It might not look like it, but your acovado toast is just as tasty as theirs.

Out of all the Instagram habits this is probably the hardest one to break. There’s no easy way to do it other than simply stopping it. Now.

Focussing on numbers too much

How many people have liked your latest post? If you know the number by heart, this one applies to you. I know, it feels great to have people appreciate your content by following you and leaving likes. At the same time, people tend to feel devastated if a post performs below average or if people unfollow them. That’s no good, though.

A person’s follower count doesn’t say anything about them. And the number of likes doesn’t determine whether a photo is pretty or not. Instagram’s algorithm can be sneaky, you know. Sometimes, it hides posts from people.

Thus, more than anything, a post’s performance is the result of Instagram’s mood swing. So let’s not focus too much on that but rather enjoy being inspired and inspiring others.

Do you know any other unhealthy Instagram habits? How do you stay sane while using the app? Leave a comment or drop me a message!

Claudia is a social media aficionada with a passion for running, writing and photography.


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