Four months in the US
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I’m leaving and here’s why

Oh boy, I really have a thing for dramatic blog post titles, huh? Or maybe I’ve been listening to Shawn Mendes just a little too much. Who knows. Anyway. In my last blog post, I casually mentioned that I’m leaving for the US soon and that I’m going to stay there until Christmas time. You guys have been asking me so many questions regarding my plans. So I decided to share a couple of details about my schedule for the rest of the year.

The plan

As you guys know, I’m kicking things off with a road trip along the West Coast. After that, I’ll spend a month in Los Angeles, a place which I fell in love with when I first visited last December. That leaves plenty of time to explore the city and all its curiosities. And who knows? Maybe I’ll even write a blog post or two.

Finally, in October, I’m leaving for Montreal. But I’m just spending a night there (Visa stuff; don’t ask). After that, I’m off to DC. Why? Because, duh, this city is amazing! Plus: I landed a two month training in the press and media department of a well known Austrian institution there. And – fast forward two months – on December 23rd, I’ll fly back home to good old Austria.

The burning question

I know what you guys are thinking. Did I quit my job for that? Big, fat no! I love my job and I would never do anything to risk losing it.

Luckily, I got the chance to go on a sabbatical. If you’re like ??? now: This means that I’m getting paid less for a certain period of time all the while I continue to work full time. In return, I’m getting paid the same fraction of my salary while not working at all.

I appreciate this opportunity very much. After all, I’m a millennial. Adventures and spare time mean so much more to me than money. So let’s do this!

Have you ever been abroad for a lengthy period of time? Tell me about it! Leave a comment or drop me a message.

Claudia is a social media aficionada with a passion for running, writing and photography.


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