Weird Stuff that happens at LA’s Metro

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about Los Angeles’ metro, it’s that nobody takes it. At least that’s what people keep telling me. But I take it. And other people do too. (Try going from Downtown LA to North Hollywood at 5 pm and you’ll see.)

I do understand, however, how some people try to avoid the metro. Because weird things can happen when you’re practically sitting on each other. So here are some encounters I had when riding LA’s metro.

Strange odor

One time, I hopped on to a train and the first thing I noticed was this really bad, pungent smell. Oh well, I thought. Someone must have thrown up on that train. Or was it something else? I couldn’t really tell. And I didn’t want to anyway.

As I sat on that train, trying to breath through my mouth instead of my nose, I realized that another passenger who got on the train at the same station as I did was having some issues. He was talking to himself, looking around nervously and bursting into laughter every now and then.

After about four stations, he got off. That’s when I noticed the brown stain on his pants. And that’s when, all of a sudden, the bad smell was gone. Turns out nobody had thrown up on that train after all.

I’m not judging, though, because God knows what this individual has been through. And we all have bad days every now and then, don’t we?

Rap and weird coincidences

Sometimes, though, also fun stuff happens at the metro. While my friends kept warning me about “weird metro people” I’d encounter, I enjoy watching all those characters I share trains with.

Like that time, when that guy started rapping about the people on the train. It was hilarious. He was directly addressing the passengers, making up stories about where they’re heading for or where they’re coming from. I wish I could cite some of the stuff he came up with but I’m not a rapper so I’d most likely mess it up.

And then there was this really weird coincidence that happened on one of my very first metro rides in Los Angeles. When I got on a train, I noticed a woman and her son. We didn’t really interact. I just noticed that they were there too because hey, you have to keep aware of your surroundings, right? Anyway, I got off at a random station to explore the city while mother and son stayed on the train.

About 90 minutes later, I decided to get back onto a different train. So the doors slides open and guess who was there!? Mother and son! That was so random and weird and funny and strange. We looked at each other and immediately laughed.

It was one of those times that left me wondering if my brain constructed the whole universe for me. Like I’m in this huge computer game my brain made up and you guys are all just extras; products of my imagination. And in this case, my brain probably had gotten lazy or ran out of extras so it simply duplicated the characters of mom and son.

It’s either that orΒ I’m actually one of those “weird metro people” my friends have been warning me about.