Exploring Vancouver by Bike

So much to see and so little time! During my road trip, I got to spend only one full day in Vancouver. A quick way to get to know a city is by renting a bike and randomly cruising around. That’s exactly what I and my friends did in Canada.

Sadly, due to the forrest fires that were burning near Vancouver, the view was pretty bad and you could barely see the stunning landscape. Still, I enjoyed the city and its diversity a lot. Needless to say, I definitely want to return one day.

Renting a bike: Costs

The hotel we were staying at was close to English Bay. Also, there was a shop where you can rent bikes right next to our hotel. So that’s where our tour started. We decided to rent bikes for a whole day which cost us about 30 Dollars.

In comparison, I think a metro day pass is about 15 Dollars, which is cheaper. But we still went for the bikes because this way we were more independent and got to see way more of the city.

On top of that, Vancouver is an extremely bike friendly city. There are bike lanes almost everywhere so if you just follow the trail, you get to see almost all major sights.

The stops

Our bike tour in Vancouver

One of the first stops was Granville Island which is an artsy shopping area. It even has a valet service for bikes.

If you’re looking for souvenirs, postcards and keepsakes, this is the place to be for you. It also has a market where you can buy fresh fruits and veggies, delicious sweets as well as other snacks. To sum it up: It’s a fun place to hang out.

We did another stop at Craft Beer Market. You can already tell by the name that this is a good place to take a break at. Because Craft Beer! Pro advice: Order a 12$ sampler. Among the types of beer you get is one that has a note of mocha. So good!

Next up was the Chinese Garden. Since it’s not a big place, it was only a layover of about ten minutes. We got to enjoy the pond, lots of various plants and a neat gazebo. After that, we went to Gastown which, too, has a lot of cute souvenir shops and a number of hip places to grab food at.

We wrapped up our journey with a drive around Stanley Park. The trail is right next to the coast. It was a beautiful end of a beautiful trip. But see for yourself!