The Truth behind my Instagram Posts

Wake up guys, it’s not real!!! Here we go. Yet another dramatic way to start a blog post. And again, it’s about Instagram. Now that I have your attention, I guess I have to take a small step back. But stay with me. Of course, not all of the posts you see in your feed are fake. It’s just that sometimes, the seemingly spontaneous snapshots you’re presented with don’t depict the whole truth.

I’m not saying that people leave out details on purpose. As for me, I’m definitely not interested in misleading you guys in any way. But the other day, I was scrolling through my feed. That’s when I realized that each and every single one of these photos has a backstory that is rarely being told.Β So I decided to share the truth behind my Instagram posts.

Disclaimer: Β None of the details I’m about to share are really shocking or surprising. But I still want to point them out because some of them are entertaining, some are weird and some just give you a better idea of how the Insta game works. Enjoy!

Not my burger

I’m not that much of a food photographer. Instead of taking pictures of my meals, I usually dig in right away. That’s the reason why the burger you see down there was not my burger. I had ordered something completely different. But by the time I realized that I could post about Hopdoddy on Instagram (not sponsored!), I had almost finished my meal. To sum it up: I just went ahead and took photos of my friend’s burger. Shocker, rightΒ My friend let me try it, though. Let me tell you: It tasted amazing!

Not a selfie person

I had to bring up lots of courage to post that one. Why? Because it’s a selfie and I’m not really a selfie person. But on that day nine months ago, I just didn’t have anything else in store. So I thought I might as well give it a try. To this very day, I’m still not a selfie person. Merely looking at this makes me feel self-conscious so can we just scroll down and proceed to the next photo, please?

Not my bike

You can probably guess it merely by reading the subheading: To the contrary of what it might look like, that’s not my bike. It’s a random stranger’s bike and I just used it as a prop. I do like bikes, though. And I own one. I just didn’t have it with me on that day because, oh well, I was in Italy and I had gotten there by car.

Dancing with lanterns

So in the caption it says “Life is all about dancing with lanterns”. The thing is: I didn’t really dance with that lantern. Rather, I was just holding that position for a couple of seconds so that we could get this shot. I still remember people passing by, wondering what the heck was wrong with that girl, holding on tight to the lantern. Good old times!

Pistacchio Cappuccino

Funfact: I like pistacchios but they’re by far not my favorite type of nuts. When I was in Florence and looking for inspiration on Instagram, though, I came across that place called Don Nino that offered pistacchio cappuccino. Initially, I just ordered it because, well, it looks really nice. Yes. There you have it. I wasn’t particularly excited about it, I just did it for the Gram! But you know what? It tasted absolutely amazing! No regrets.

Pain in the butt

I absolutely love deserted roads. So of course, when we were driving to Las Vegas, we took a stop to do a quick photo shoot. Don’t I look cool, relaxed and laid-back on that picture? Just casually sitting here next to the road. And it’s a little bit romantic too, huh?

Well guess what – I was in pain! It was scorching hot on that day so sitting on the asphalt might not have been the best idea. And hey, we got a cool picture.

During that shoot something creepy happened too. We were in the middle of taking photos when, all of a sudden, a car pulled over and stopped right behind ours. I couldn’t really see who was driving it. They were just sitting there and didn’t get out of the car. So weird. We just stood there and watched the car, while the car’s driver apparently watched us. So for a while we were all pretty much just standing there, staring at each other and wondering what would happen next. After a couple of minutes the car drove off. That encounter still leaves me wondering.

A crappy photo

You see my smile on that photo? Doesn’t look quite as enthusiastic as on other photos, right? The reason is pretty simple: While I was sitting there, I realized that I had just put my hand right into a pile of seagull poop. And it’s not even the first time that’s happened. Oh well…

Dramatic coffee

Yeah, that’s not really how I drink my morning coffee.