We need to talk

You guys, we need to talk

We need to talk. It happened six times today *): Twice on my morning run, twice when I was on the metro, another time when I was on my way to the grocery store and once more when I was waiting for a friend in front of a bar.

I was a bit irritated when that guy – he must have been about my age and was sitting on the sidewalk – jumped up, picked up my speed and ran besides me for a couple of meters.

And it was weird when a man, presumably in his seventies, blew me a kiss as I was just about to finish my run.

I was mildly annoyed when yet another guy checked me out from head to toe in the metro and told me that he liked my dress.

That “Hello baby girl”, the next guy said to me when I was heading for the supermarket, I simply ignored.

But I hated it when that other man sat down right next to me on the train, even though there were plenty of other seats, and poked my elbow to start a conversation.

And when that last dude told me I had nice legs, I simply felt disgusted.

Why we need to talk about those encounters…

It’s not like this hasn’t happened before. Every now and then, people – and by that I mean mostly males – would act inappropriately flirty. Me and thousands of other girls are used to this kind of treatment. Sad, huh? What’s even sadder, though, is that it took six strikes on one day for me to realize that.

You see, I usually don’t waste a thought about encounters like the ones I mentioned. I would never let them ruin my day. But it’s important to talk about this. Because it can be very frustrating at times.

Now I’m not saying that you mustn’t interact with women you don’t know. All I’m saying is: Be sensitive. Read the signs. I understand that this can be hard. But then again, it’s not.

The signs

Like when a girl turns away from you. That’s a pretty good hint that she’s not interested. It’s what I did when that second metro guy sat down right next to me. I was making a point by staring directly out of the window. The freaking metro window. There’s literally nothing to see out there except for darkness. And yet, that guy poked my elbow. Now he might have missed that first hint of mine. But that frown I gave him after he touched me should have been a pretty obvious sign to abort the mission.

Besides this, there are also other signs that tell you that a girl is not interested. Like when she says “I’m not interested”. Or  “Go away”. Here’s another good one: “Stop talking to me”.  That’s literally what I said to the last guy. The one who didn’t stop talking to me. So if somebody ever tells you to stop talking to them, stop talking to them.

Having said that, I understand that this is a lot of information to take in. This is why I summarized the essentials.


  • She turns away from you? – Most likely not interested.
  • She says she’s not interested? – She’s not interested.
  • Does her mouth say no but her eyes say yes? – She’s still not interested.

Have you had similar encounters? Leave a comment or drop me a message. Talk to you later!

*) Full disclosure: I sat down and wrote this blog post right after it happened, but I published it a couple of days later.

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