Couple dies in tragic Crash but all People care about is their Political Views

I came across a heartbreaking news story today. It’s about a couple that got married on November 3. Hours after the Texan natives had said their vows, they boarded a helicopter to go on their honeymoon. The helicopter crashed down and the newlyweds died. It’s devastating.

In the article I read, The Washington Post has embedded a photo of the couple that was posted on Facebook. It made the story even more painful to read. They looked so happy.

Posted by Bailee Ackerman on Thursday, May 31, 2018


What makes the account unbelievable, though, are the comments that have since been dropped on the Facebook page of Bailee Ackerman, one of the deceased. Given what Ackerman has posted on Facebook in the past, you can tell right away that she’s not only a staunch Republican but also a Trump supporter. As a result, some Facebook users have made a set of distasteful remarks; comments such as “Looks like someone won’t have a chance to keep it red this year.”

At this point, I should clarify: I am by no means a Trump supporter. As a journalist, I’m eager to remain as objective as possible at all times. But I find it tremendously shocking that some people seem to assess other people’s worth on the basis of their political beliefs. By leaving disgusting comments on a dead girl’s page, these trolls insinuate that her being republican somehow makes her demise less tragic – or worse – that it makes it okay.

The issue

This is not just about liberal trolls bashing republicans. I’ve seen similar scenarios where it was the other way round. We’re dealing with a bigger issue here. We’re talking about people unfriending each other on Facebook because they liked a post of the “wrong” party. About people cutting ties with family members because they don’t share the same views. About people feeling indifferent about a couple that dies in an accident. Because they supported the opposite party.

This is sad. This is wrong. It sickens me. Rest in Peace, Will Byler and Bailee Ackerman.