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24 Hours in Washington, DC

I hope you never get into the unfortunate position where you have one day, and one day only, to spend in DC. Why? Because there’s so much to do and see there and 24 hours simply isn’t enough. Especially when you consider that you probably end up sleeping eight hours out of those 24.

But I am a fan of brevity. And instead of listing the million things you can do in DC, I decided to write about my favourite spots here which are perfect to go to if you have a free day. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: None of this is sponsored. Just to let you know. Because Austrian laws are pretty strict about this.

Visit one of the free museums (There are plenty!)

My first visit in DC, back in 2012, was truly memorable. One thing that particularly stuck to my mind was the Museum of American History. It’s so fascinating! It offers you an insight in what the nation has gone through. The exhibition about the wars is particularly gripping. There’s even a helicopter displayed at the section about Vietnam War.

The Museum of American History is one of the many Smithsonian Museums that are free to visit. Another one I’d recommend are the Air and Space Museum (so much fun!) and the Museum of Natural History, where – among other things – you can get a glimpse at the mystic Hope Diamond. You can find a list of the Smithsonian institutions here.

Besides this, if you’re not on a budget, I’d definitely recommend the Newseum. You have to pay to get in but it is worth every penny. I loved the photo exhibition about the Pulitzer Prize Winners and there’s also a section with newspaper frontpages that go back several decades. There’s even one that was published the day after the Titanic sunk. So cool!

Stroll through Georgetown

When the houses that surround you get even cuter and suddenly, there are brickwalls everywhere, that’s how you know you’re in Georgetown! It’s one of the coolest parts of DC with tons of restaurants and shops. There’s no metro station that leads to Georgetown but it can easily be reached via bus. Or foot, depending on where in DC you’re staying.

And if you’ve seen The Exorcist, these steps might look familiar. You can find them – you guessed it! – in Georgetown!

Get cupcakes in Georgetown

I know they’re overprized and maybe even overrated, given that you even have to stand in line for them. And yet, you need to drop by Georgetwon Cupcakes if you want the full DC experience.

When I was there, I picked the one with peanut butter fudge and it was delicious but I remember that the pumpkin spice cheesecake one was amazing too. One cupcake is about 3.50 Dollars, by the way.

Drop by the sights

If you go to DC and don’t drop by at least one of the countless sights, have you really been to DC? Well maybe. But you’ve definitely been missing out. So take your time to drop by at least one of them. Like the Washington Monument or the Lincoln Memorial or the Martin Luther King Memorial or the White House or the Capitol or Arlington Cemetery.

I’ve seen them all when I was in DC back in 2012. This time, I’ve only been to Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument so far. But I’m slowly working my way through the list. I can’t wait to return to the Korean War Veterans Memorial, for instance. It consists of several steel statues, representing soldiers. They say that, no matter which perspective you choose, one of the soldiers will always look at you. Such an eerie atmosphere.

Have you ever been to Washington, DC? What did you like most about it? Drop me a comment or leave me a message!

Claudia is a social media aficionada with a passion for running, writing and photography.


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