What I did in New York

“What are you doing here? Why aren’t you at the party?” That’s what a random guy asked us when my friends Kim, Hayley and I were strolling around in the streets of New York the evening of Thanksgiving. We were looking for a bar near our hostel but couldn’t find one. So when the man approached us shortly before midnight, introduced himself as a promoter and invited us to a party in a rooftop bar, we figured we might as well go. It ended up being one of the best decisions we could have made on that evening.

The rooftop party is only one of the many highlights that made my trip to New York memorable. I went there for three days over the Thanksgiving Holidays. Since some of you asked me for New York advice on Instagram, here’s a short recap of how I made most of my time there. Enjoy!

Sight seeing

I’ve been to New York once in 2014. Back when I went there for the first time, I covered all the major sights – and I went on a super long walk from the Southern tip of the peninsula all the way up to Times Square.

Thus, this time I decided to take it easy. Among the sights I went to visit are the Statue of Liberty (of course!), Times Square (duh), Brooklyn Bridge (because bridges!), the Flatiron Building (my favorite building!) and Theodore Roosevelt’s birth house. If the latter one seems random to you, that’s because it is. I stumbled upon it by chance.

Another item on my bucket list was to watch the Thanksgiving Parade. My friend Hayley and I arrived there past nine, which was pretty late given that the parade starts at 9. And yet, we got perfect spots to watch the gigantic balloons. The cold made us leave before Santa Claus had the chance to move in at Macy’s, though.

Other than this, I was mainly wandering around, enjoying the city vibes. It’s one of the best ways to get the full New York experience.Thanksgiving Parade


Let’s talk about my favorite topic: Food! I had the most amazing dishes in New York City. And whenever food looks delicious, I usually forget to take photos but rather dig in right away. This is why you won’t see what the meatballs I had at that one Christmas Tavern at Wallstreet look like. And you’re also going to miss out on the amazing Mac’n’Cheese I had on Thanksgiving at Chelsea Market.

On our last day, we visited Big Daddy’s Diner which is an 80s themed restaurant and described as “Manhattan’s hidden gem”. Despite the description, it was a tad touristy but this doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. For all I know, I really enjoyed my Greek omelette and the berry pancakes I got there.

       New York City


And last but not least: the rooftop parties. One of the promotors we met at the rooftop party on our first night texted me an address for yet another party on our second night. Sure enough, we went there. And it was a blast.

The bar is called “Magic Hour Rooftop Bar” and it’s located right next to the Empire State Building. There’s a carousel in this bar so you can get a 360 degree view of the surrounding skyscrapers. Absolutely amazing!


Have you ever been to New York? What are your favorite spots there? Leave a comment or drop me a message!