Psychic Daniella

I got a 5 Dollar Palm reading from a Psychic

First of all, it was a psychic, not a psycho. Secondly, nope – I don’t really believe in this kind of stuff. But I don’t believe in Scientology either and it didn’t stop me from doing their Personality Test. Last but not least, it was my day off, I had five Dollars of cash in my pocket and I was ready to blow it. That’s what led me to Daniella. 

But let’s start at the beginning. A couple of days prior, I was grabbing drinks with a friend. We were sipping on our beers, having casual smalltalk when, seemingly out of nothing, he suggested: “Let’s go to a psychic!”

I looked at him. He looked at me.

“Awesome idea”, I said.

He explained to me that he was walking past a sign that says “5 Dollar Psychic” every day when he got to work and he’d been wanting to try it for a while now. So we decided to go for it. We didn’t get our palms read on that night, though. Apparently the psychic, Daniella, had already closed her office when we dropped by.

Oh Daniella. As a psychic, shouldn’t you’ve seen us coming? But I was willing to look past this and told myself that I’d return. And I did.

Psychic Daniella of Dupont Circle

The Psychic of Dupont Circle

If you’ve ever been to Dupont Circle which, by the way, is one of DC’s coolest areas, you’ve probably noticed tons of signs that advertise Daniella’s services. Now you could argue that a really good psychic wouldn’t have to put that much effort into marketing. But lets put that aside too. So this Wednesday, I decided that it’s time for me to return.

Daniella’s office is located on the 4th floor. By the time I’ve climbed all these stairs, I’m breathless. So I wait a couple of seconds before I ring the bell. When I finally do, it only takes a moment until a woman – presumably Daniella – opens the door. 

The first thing I notice are her eyes. They’re piercing blue. It’s the kind of eyes that make you think she can stare right into your soul. If you have one, that is. 

“I’m here for the five Dollar palm reading. Do you accept walk-ins?”, I ask despite already knowing the answer. Not because I’m a psychic but because on Daniella’s ad, it says “Walk-ins welcome”. 

The light in her apartment is dim. 

And sure enough, Daniella nods her head and asks me to take a seat. The light in her apartment is dim. There are two armchairs and a table as well as several lit candles. It’s pretty warm – not only because I just climbed a set of stairs, but because Daniella really seems to like heaters. So I take off my coat. 

Bag envy

“I love your bag”, Daniella suddenly shouts out. “Can I see?”

I hand her my bag.

“How much?”, she asks.

I try to remember. I haven’t paid much for this bag. 10 Euros maybe. But then again, this is double the price of the palm reading I’m about to get. Daniella hands me back my bag and we start talking business.

“So do you want me to pay in advance? And is cash fine?” I feel weird asking this. Like we’re about to do something illegal or immoral. 

“No, it’s okay”, she says and proceeds to explain. “So I can read your palm for five dollars, but that’s personality reading only. I can also do a full reading for 20 Dollars or both hands for 40.”

Again, I am no psychic but I kind of saw this coming. In spite of her efforts, I know that I’m definitely not going to pay more than five Dollars for this. Also, I’m wondering why I would need a stranger to tell me more about my personality. After having put up with myself for 25 years, I’m pretty familiar with my personality. But since I’m already here, I decide to go for it. 

“Naw, I’m just here for the basics”, I say. And for the sake of full disclosure, I tell her that I’m planning to write about this. 

Daniella nods and I show her my right hand’s palm. From there it all goes pretty fast and Daniella tells me everything about me, seemingly without even taking a break to breath.

It’s gonna be a long life

“You have a strong life line. You’re going to lead a long and happy life, well beyond you 80s”, she says and I’m flattered.

That life line though.
That life line though.

“You’re open-minded, ambitious and anxious to have a great career”, she continues as I lean forward and try to see what she sees in my palm.

“You stopped your studies, didn’t you?”, she suddenly asks.

I look at her, confused. 

“No”, I say. “I finished a year ago.”

“Well there’s something that’s incomplete”, she says and leaves me puzzled as she proceeds.

“Sometimes you start doing things but you don’t finish. You’re very creative but you don’t know what to do with all your creativity. I see friends, many friends. But nobody you want to be in a relationship with. Next year is going to be better. This year is more about finding yourself.”

That’s it. My personality in a nutshell. Apparently.

“Okay, you went pretty fast”, I say. “Would you mind if I take a couple of notes?”

Daniella sighs. “It’s only five Dollars. I don’t want to repeat myself.”

“You don’t have to”, I say. She seems a tad annoyed, but she hands me post its and a pen, when I can’t find my notebook. And she even recites bits and pieces of the reading. 


Nevertheless, I feel a little bit uncomfortable and try to jot down the words as fast as I can, knowing that later, I’ll have trouble with deciphering my handwriting. (I told you, I know myself pretty well!) Anyway.

The whole visit has taken less than ten minutes. When I put on my coat, ready to leave, Daniella continues to repeat certain things she read out of my palm.

My notes
Taking notes, taking notes.

“Put your creativity into writing”, she says.

This doesn’t awe me at all. It’s a no-brainer.

“I already do”, I say. “I told you.” 

“You’re going to meet someone important in spring”, she says.

As I approach the door, Daniella raises her voice: “Next spring. In April!”

As I walk down the stairs, I smile. Looks like I can do a follow-up post then. 

Have you ever been to a psychic? Do you believe in palm readings? Leave a comment or drop me a message.

Claudia is a social media aficionada with a passion for running, writing and photography.

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