The Photos are gone! :(((

Yesterday, something horrible happened. My photos – the ones I took with my old phone – they’re all gone. Puff. Just like that.

This includes snapshots I took on family vacations, photos of adorable kittens I encountered during my trip to the US, video footage which I was going to use for a travel vlog and so much more. After all, my phone was my steady companion for about three years. That’s a long time frame in a millennial’s life. But let’s start at the beginning.

Middle-aged, surly man

I recently switched to a new phone. Because I didn’t want to use the cloud, I transferred all the data to my laptop. My laptop, though, has been around for four years, meaning that he’s kind of like a middle-aged, surly man.

“This is not gonna happen. I have enough on my plate already”, he said when I started my backup. Thus, due to a lack of storage, I dragged and dropped all the data from my PC to a drive. Fair enough.

So the other day, I wanted to go back to those pictures. I have two drives that look fairly similar. When I plugged in the first one, it happened.

Instead of presenting me marvellous memories, a pop up appeared on my screen, telling me that my laptop couldn’t read the file and that I needed to format the drive if I wanted to use it.

After I recovered from a tiny heart-attack, millennial me did a Google search. I downloaded software that let me restore the data. Yay. So I ran the program.

“WTF!?”, I thought when it was finally done. On the drive were just some old pass photos I had needed for my visa. So I must have saved the files on the other drive. Silly me. Hahahahaha.


Then I plugged in the other drive. And you know what was on there? The files from my old phone… but they were all empty!

So after having me sit on an emotional rollercoaster and mentally going back and forth between “The files are gone!!!!!” and “It was all a misunderstanding! Yay!”, life was like “Naw jk, the photos are gone for real LOL”.


First world problem?

I know what you’re thinking: This is such a first world problem. Admittedly, the reenactment of my data ordeal was intentionally dramatic. After all, this blog is supposed to entertain you. So yeah. It didn’t hit me that hard.

Nonetheless, I can’t help but feel a tad sad given that so many photos are gone. Then again, that’s life. Every now and then you have to deal with disappointments.

Besides this, I still have thousands of photos I took with my camera. Sure, the photos I had on my phone are way more personal and exclusive. But, hey, it could always be worse.

I also managed to recover some pics with the help of other people. Throughout the past years, I sometimes shared snapshots on WhatsApp with friends and family. This way, I got a bunch of photos back which I have totally forgotten about. And there’s one thing that’s probably the most important.

Data loss doesn’t mean memory loss!

Me! I said that! And other people probably too.

Yes! Data loss doesn’t equal a loss of memory. Just because I don’t have photos, doesn’t mean it never happened. I can still go back to all those cherished moments, even if it’s just in my mind.

Of course, memory tends to blur after a while. But then I remembered something else: Most of the people I experienced those moments with are still around. So I can just go ahead and make new memories with them.

And to all the people who are not within immediate reach right now (which is mostly my US friends): I’m coming for you!!! Well, not today. And probably also not tomorrow. But I’m coming for you eventually.

If there’s one thing I learned from this, though, it’s that, on top of your back up, always do an additional back up.


Have you ever lost data that was important to you? How did you deal with it? Leave a comment or send me a message!

2 thoughts on “The Photos are gone! :(((”

  1. Hi,

    ja, leider auch schon passiert. Vielleicht ohne einem “drink” zuviel. Nein, ich mache nur Spaß.

    Hatte ein Gerät im Jahr 2000 oder 2001 auf Reparatur und mehrere Wochen darauf gewartet. OK, kein Problem, denn das Gerät ist zwar unrepariert zurück gekommen und die Daten/Fotos waren jedoch noch drauf. …ABER, genau in dieser Nacht/nach dieser Nacht wurde im Geschäft meines Chefs eingebrochen und im selben Zuge wurde nicht nur mein privates Notebook, sondern vieles weitere wie Festplatten, Safe, Computer, Peripherie, usw. mitgenommen.

    Alle digitalen Fotos/Dokumente mit sooo vielen Erinnerungen bis dahin waren somit dahin.

    Alles Gute … liebe Grüße

    1. Oh nein! Das ist ja noch viel ärgerlicher… Ich hoffe du hast zumindest eine Entschädigung bekommen!?

      Liebe Grüße!

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