A Day in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Have you ever been to the Slovenian city of Ljubljana? Me neither… until about a year ago, that is! Even though it is merely a 90-minute-drive, it took me 24.5 years to finally go there. And boy, I had really been missing out in all those years.

With its cute shops, fancy cafés and picturesque townscape, it’s definitely worth a visit – even if you don’t live as close to Ljubljana as I do. Here’s a guide how you can make most of your day in Ljubljana.

This article is neither paid nor sponsored but since I mention specific restaurants, brands and places I’m gonna go with AD here.

Enjoy the view at Ljubljana Castle

So you’ve arrived in Ljubljana. Once you get out of the car, probably the first feature you will notice is this beautiful castle on top of a hill. Since you’ve been lacking movement during that 90-minute-drive (assuming you’re from Klagenfurt too) anyway, I’d advice you to go there first. It’s a bit of a steep walk, but totally worth it. The view you get from up there is sweet. You can virtually see the whole city. 

Lunch at Pop’s Burger Place (15 €)

You’ve walked all the way up to Ljubljana Castle? Congratulations! You deserve a big lunch now. What was that? You feel like eating burgers? Well, I got the place for you!

When I asked for recommendations to eat out at Ljubljana, several people recommended Pop’s Burger Place. It’s a burger bar located right next to river Ljubijanice (did I spell this right!?). Since I absolutely love burgers, I had to check it out. I went there, ordered a cheeseburger with some fancy name I, unfortunately, already forgot. (Californian… something… something.)

What can I say… it was one of the best burgers I had in months and I absolutely enjoyed the atmosphere. Imagine a place where they play old school US American country music; a place with retro tiles in the bathroom; a place where you could spend hours just looking at the decoration surrounding the bar. That’s the kind of place Pop’s Burger Place is. 

Make sure you order parmesan and herb topped fries as a side. Also, you better get there at a time when it’s not super busy because there are only a few tables at the inside of the restaurant. Outside, though, there’s plenty of space to sit down, enjoy your fries, burger and the sun. 

Address: Cankarjevo nabrežje 3, 1000 Ljubljana

Shop in the cute shops/market

Ljubljana is a gorgeous city, especially during springtime. That’s when you can buy beautiful flowers at the local market. And of course, you can also get fresh vegetables and fruits there.

Make sure to take a walk down the streets next to the river. There are tons of cute shops there, offering anything from clothes to décor items. 

Afternoon coffee at Lolita Café (2-10€)

Remember that burger place you had lunch earlier? Only a few doors down the street, there’s a cute coffee place, which is our next and final destination.

According to fellow blogger Sunglasses & Peonies, Lolita Café is the Instagram hotspot of Ljubljana. No way, I was gonna leave Ljubljana without having been there!

So I came, saw and drank. The coffee there is super affordable and there’s a wide selection of pastries and sweets. Enjoy!