Abroad for four Months: Here’s what I learned

I didn’t see this coming. I thought that four months are such a long time. But here we are. My sabbatical is over and I’m back home in Austria. 

Last year, I spent four months traveling around and working in the US. It was an amazing time and I still haven’t processed all the amazing things I got to experience. So I figured it’s time to reflect on what I’ve learned during my time abroad. So here.

Plane tickets are great investments

Traveling can be extremely expensive but I’d rather spend 500 Dollars on a plane ticket than on clothes or pointless gadgets. Why? Because when you  travel, you get so much in return. The people I’ve met and the dozens of LA sunsets I’ve seen are truly priceless. 

You don’t need money to have a good time

Since we’re already talking about financials: Even if you’re broke, you can still have a blast. During my sabbatical, I only got paid a fraction of what I usually make. I did get lots of free time in return, though. But since I was on a budget, I tried to spend as little money as possible, while still making most of my time in the US.

It was easier than I thought! I went to talkshows, did tours, visited museums and even got to see The Chainsmokers. And I didn’t pay a single dime. How do you find out about opportunities like these? Ask locals, deep dive the web or check out this post.

My favorite Los Angeles moments
My favorite Los Angeles moments

It’s pretty easy to get arrested in the US

No, I didn’t get arrested. But I’ve witnessed other people who got into trouble and had to spend the rest of the weekend in jail.

As you probably know, I went on a number of Ride-Alongs where I could watch police officers do their work. There was this one incident, where a guy damaged the car mirror of his ex-girlfriend. It qualified as a case of domestic violence. So he had to put handcuffs on, was put into a van and off he went. 

You can find happiness anywhere…

… except on restrooms at the Highway. These are by no means happy places. But that’s a different story. I guess what I’m really trying to say here is that the cool thing about humankind is that we’re not bound to a certain habitat. We can move around freely. And we should make use of that.