On this page, you have access to free downloads, including templates, screensavers and other designs.¬†You don’t find what you’re looking for? Leave me a comment or drop me a message and let me know which template I should do next.


I love creating templates and you seem to enjoy them too! Here’s an overview regarding what I’ve designed so far. Naturally, all of the downloads are for free. You can pick a template, safe it on your computer and print it. Alternatively, you can also edit it on your tablet. Working for a print medium, however, I personally prefer printing it. Enjoy!



I change my cellphone’s screensaver every few weeks. Usually I choose photos which I took myself. Since in the past, some people have already asked me to send them my screensaver pictures, I decided to make them available for all of you. I took these photos at various places, such as Paris, Manhattan Beach, Lignano and Florence. Enjoy!

Instagram Game Templates

You’ve probably already noticed that Instagram templates are skyrocketing. Here’s how they work: Safe the image on your smartphone and pull if up on your Instagram story. The in-app features allow you to edit the photo by using markers or emojis. Here are some Instagram templates I created for you to download. Enjoy!

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